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Gabi & Jörg Ackermann, Ditzingen,
T-Mount, wood tripod (and AP 600-mount for photograping)
Eyepieces: H-25, O-16; Set Abbé: 34, 25, 16, 10, 6, 4mm. Zeiss Barlowlens, Baader-Zenitprism, Baader Herschelprism
Sun, moon and planets; Astrophotographie Telementor from Gabi
Frank Köhler,
Jena, Germany
Astro-5-mount, wood tripod
Eyepieces: H-40, H-25, O-16 with crosshair, O-12.5, O-6, O-4, Zeiss 4x eyepieceturret, Zeiss solarfilter SFO-63
Sun, moon and planets; Astrophotographie, astronomical school-education Telementor from Frank
Kevin Barker, Auckland,
New Zealand
T-Mount and oak tripod.
Eyepieces: H-40, H-16, O-25, O-16, O-12.5, O-10, O-8, O-6, O-4.
Zeiss zenith prism, Zeiss filter turret and marsglas.
Planets, Doublestars and Deep Sky. Sun with the Baader Solar Filter. Telementor from Kevin
Gary Beal,Auckland,
New Zealand
T-Mount, oak tripod, 7.5 x 42 Finderscope,
Eyepieces: H-40, H-25, H-16, O-25, O-16, O-12.5, O-10, O-6, O-4. Zeiss 2x Barlow, and the beautiful Zeiss zenith prism. Zeiss 5 filter turret.
Moon, Planets and the Sun with the Baader Solar Filter. Telementor from Gary
second Telementor (with AS-objectiv)
Zeiss GEM-Mount, Tripod, Zeiss-Helical Focuser, Zeiss zenith prism
Eyepieces: Look at Garys first Telementor
Moon, Planets and the Sun with the Baader Solar Filter. second Telementor from Gary
Luis Argüelles
Oviedo, Spain
T-mount, tripod.
Eyepieces: H-25, O-16, O-12.5, O-10mm. Baader Eudiascopics 35, 20, 10, 5 and 3.8mm. Zeiss prism-diagonal.Baader solar filter. Celestron Ultima 2x Barlow. Olympus C-2000Z digital camera.
Doublestars, Planets, Moon, Messier objects. Telementor from Luis
Steffen Fritsche
Köditz, Germany
T-mount, tripod.
Eyepieces: H-40, H-25, O-16, O-10, Meade Super Plössl 40. Zeiss ocularturret; for observing sun: Zeiss Herschel-prism
Sun, Planets Telementor from Steffen
Michael Lalk,
Greifswald, Germany
TM-Mount, oak tripod
Eyepieces: H-25, H-16, O-25, O-16, O-10, O-6, O-4, Zeiss eyepieceturret, Zeiss sunfilter SFO-63, image erecting prism, filterwheel
Hannes Hase-Bergen,
Stuttgart, Germany
Telementor (scope with C-objectiv)
T-Mount, oak tripod,
Eyepieces: H-40, H-25, H-16, O-40, O-25, O-16, O-10, O-6, image erecting prism, filterwheel

"Schulfernrohr" (a 1970 scope with AS-objectiv)
original Mount, Tripod, Zeiss-Crayford Focuser, erecting prism
Eyepieces: Look at Hannes first Telementor
Moon, Planets, brighter DSO´s und DoubleStars. Telementor from Hannes

1959´s Telementor with AS-lens