with the Zeiss Telemator-objectiv C63/840
from Ralf Pisarek

On the ATT (astro flea market) 2001 in Essen, Germany, I bought a new Telemator-lens. An astrofriend of mine has built a small refractor with such an objective. He is very happy with the "small aperture". I looked sometimes through the little refractor an I am fascinated from the performance. This sope is not a "light-cannon", but magnifications up to 180x a possible, so three times the aperture. Which today buyable and payable objectiv-lens can realize such magnifications?

And, here it is:

Much people, who held this lens in their hands, became shiny eyes. Even if they had much bigger scopes. There originates a peciular fascination from these objectives.

Now, lets construct.

With help from my brother, it was not difficult to build with this objectiv a high-quality telescope. I only had to ask him for the necessary tools for building the telescope.

For constructing the scope i had three requirements:

  • robust construcion
  • collimable optics
  • my eyepiece-sided tools must be usable

    After I got cheap an alu-tube (76mm diameter x 3mm thickness) and an piece of aluminium (for the collimable cell), we started.
    The cell looks now so:

    or so:

    You will see the three pairs of pressure- and adjustingscrews for collimating. The fine thread takes the lens in cell, the nozzle fits exactly on the tube. And the supernatant edge conduce as termination for the dewcap.

    With the objective the hole thing looks as follows:

    As in my comet-hunter, I use on the eyepieceside a rock-and-pinion focuser from Intes. This will be connected viá the "System-64" tools from Lichtenknecker and an extension sleeve with the tube.


    And with my 67mm prism it looks as follws:

    Important is the exact length of the tube. By testing it is necessary to use the whole equipment. I got luck with my tube: it was only 10mm to long. After cutting down the 10mm I can use my whole equipment.
    As next, I have to calculate the variable apertures and insert them. At least - a little bit color on it, a dewcap created and - ready!

    At the begin of september, my Telementor looks as follows:

    At the eyepiece-side i can now use all my Lichtenknecker-system-64-tools, as in my comet hunter.

    At least, it misses the dewcap.

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