Zeiss-Telementor Refraktor 63/840mm
15.11.2001:  Splitting 12 Lynxis (1"7 - 5m4/6m0)

hi "telementors",

Yesterday I have observed one more time 12 Lynxis with my Telementor (Equipment: look here) - successful: I splittet this doublestar. First I used my 9mm Vixen - orthoscopic eyepiece at 93x: The star could be seen longish but not splittet. Then I took my 5mm Ortho (168x) and - in moments of still air - I could split 12 Lynxis and so I saw two star-points side by side, separated by a darker zone between. This zone was not real black but perspicuous darker than the stars.

After this, I tried eta Orionis (1"5-4/5), but here I could not see some interesting, because of strong seeing. Something longish was visible (168x) but not sure.

Regards Hannes